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A Thought on Telling the Truth

My wife, Sylvia, and I usually sit and talk while we have our morning coffee.  Of course, we have been talking about the events of the last two days with the counting of the electoral college votes and the invasion … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know How the Angel’s Woke Me Up This Morning Soon

Here I am again at 5:15 am, an hour later than I first woke up.  This has become a regular wake up call and I can’t get back to sleep.  What am I thinking?  Why can’t I stop thinking? These … Continue reading

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A Crisis Made In Canada: Here’s What I Was Thinking

We are experiencing an Indigenous blockade of our rail lines.  The Conservatives want to use force to open up the line and the Liberals are taking another path – negotiation.  What do the indigenous groups want?  Do they want Canada … Continue reading

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